about us

why i make dog treats

so... i have been making treats for my own dogs (and their dog friends) for decades.  i started making them because i couldn't find any to buy, that had the ingredients i felt ok feeding.  and because finding treats and dog food that doesn't support animal abuse is also a challenge.  i have always loved my dogs, but i also love all animals.  and while animals eating other animals is a natural process of life, those animals can have a good quality of life as well.  plus i don't want my dogs eating all the drugs they feed the animals in 'supermarket meats'.  while this might seem far-out to some... i don't want them consuming the energy of miserable, tortured animals either.  the big picture- i don't want to pay people to abuse animals.  dogs need meat, organs and bone to eat, and some fiber and raw is best.  (i think, anyway. look it up, check it out. i think you'll agree!)

if you want to terrify yourself sometime, look up what is in the most dog foods and dog treats, many of the ingredients aren't even legal in other countries.  the invention of pet food came about because the grain and meat companies had rancid grains and meats, sick or downed animals that they couldn't sell.  the chemicals alone are horrifying.  no wonder most dogs are overweight, have allergies, skin issues, cancers, lumps and bumps and live such short lives.  spend a little more on food and treats - to spend less on vet bills.  our dogs should thrive, not just get by on what is not fit for human consumption (and worse, yuck!)

who are dolce & ardesia?

dolce was my angel with paws.  she sadly passed in the summer of 2015 at the age of 9.  she was a blue brindle, cane corso (italian mastiff) who was born paralyzed in her hind end.  we stole her from the shelter at 8 weeks old, because the shelter "did not deal with special needs animals" and was going to put her to sleep the next morning.  big court case... even though she learned how to walk, run, swim, climb, do the stairs and jump on the bed by 11 weeks, they wouldn't drop the charges.  see "the dolce story" on the menu bar to the left.  she was magic, she would read my mind and she was the best furry pillow ever.   i miss her so much.  'dolce' means 'sweet' in italian. a true love and doggie life partner.

ardesia is her new puppy sister, born at the end of the summer in 2015.  also a blue cane corso.  through her training, i created the "nibbler", a treat that is perfect for positive training.  with positive training, you initially give a lot of treats to encourage desirable behaviors.  i needed a treat that was great to feed her all day, every day.  

dolce had the softest fur and perfect skin, eyes and teeth.  she looked like a puppy throughout her whole life.  people were always amazed, that is a raw diet! well, ok... and lots of love.  she never smelled or seemed old and ill.  i see so many dogs when they are 4 or 5 years old that just don't seem well.  dogs eat what you feed them every day, once or twice a day, for their whooooooole lives.  please feed them good stuff!  they love you so much and they are so worth it.  now, with ardesia too, people pat her and say she is freakishly soft!  i say, "yup, it's the good eats!"

thanks for reading and understanding my passion.  and many ear scratches and belly rubs to your furry ones!

- julia and ardesia, and dolce in spirit