the farms

here are the links to all the farms that supply the meat for my treats:

double brook farm in hopewell new jersey

tullamore farms in stockton new jersey

purely farm in pipersville pennsylvania

ironstone creamery in pottstown pennsylvania

blue jingler farm in pittstown new jersey

mt. salem farm in pittstown new jersey


it also should be noted that all the products that are used in producing these treats are natural and environmentally friendly (i don't skimp where you can't see!)

i use:

'if you care' parchment paper to dry the treats on. many baking papers contain heavy metals (scary!) click the link to learn all the good stuff about it.

automatic dishwasher pods with naturally derived fragrances, made with plant and mineral based ingredients that are fish-friendly and biodegradble. 

liquid dish detergent with naturally devired fragrances, that is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

100% recycled paper towels, with 80% post-consumer content that are whitened without chlorine bleach and have no added dyes or fragrances.


the treats are produced in a green facility consists of a high efficiency sanitizing dishwasher, on demand water heater, off the grid heat and many more efficient features.

...i just thought you should know